When you support the Osborne Association, you create possibilities for individuals, families, and communities affected by the criminal justice system. There are many ways to support our transformational mission, from making a one-time cash donation to hiring an Osborne graduate. As we end the year, make a commitment to create opportunity for the more than 10,000 individuals we reach each year.

1) Brighten the Holidays for Children of Incarcerated Parents and our Participant Families through Osborne’s Holiday Toy Drive

The holidays can be especially difficult for children and families affected by incarceration. Many of New York’s more than 100,000 children of incarcerated parents will spend the holidays far from their loved ones, while others will celebrate the holidays in prison visiting rooms. Children whose parents are just coming home from prison may also have difficult holidays, as their mom or dad works to secure employment or housing and meet their most basic needs.

Your gift is an opportunity to bring warmth and joy to children—and to send a message that the community does care. Please join us by shopping through our Amazon wish list today to ensure most toys are delivered by December 18.

2) Offer an Internship or Work Experience to an Osborne Program Graduate

Osborne’s Justice Community program is built on service, including connecting our participants to internships throughout the Bronx. Interns can work at sites throughout the Bronx in areas such as administration, customer service and maintenance. There is no cost to partnering organizations as all expenses are paid by Osborne. With your partnership, you can create an opportunity for young people to grow personally and professionally.

Please email Faatimah Croston at fcroston@osborneny.org if you are interested in becoming a community internship partner.

3) Make a One-Time Monetary Gift

Osborne is in the business of transformation — and your support is critical to our ongoing success. Osborne’s scalable programs offer proven approaches to reentry and meaningful alternatives to incarceration. Osborne reduces the cost of the justice system and creates opportunities for individuals to transform, for families to reunify, and for communities to rebuild.

Join us as we transform lives, communities, and the criminal justice system by donating now:

By Phone:
Pauline Stanfiel
Development Specialist
(718) 707-2650

By Mail: 
Make checks payable to: 

The Osborne Association 

Mailing Address:
Development Department 
The Osborne Association 
175 Remsen Street, Suite 800 
Brooklyn, NY 11201

4) Hire Fresh Start Catering for Ongoing Culinary Services or Your Next Event 

Fresh Start Catering is more than just a professional food service; it’s a recipe for rebuilding lives. Osborne created Fresh Start Catering as a vehicle for men and women affected by the criminal justice system to find meaningful employment for a living wage. We provide employment and training opportunities to our program graduates who are looking to start fresh, or expand on their experience in the food service industry. Fresh Start Catering provides nutritious, home-style meals from a variety of culinary traditions to local businesses, companies and non-profit organizations. 

We also offer catering for special events to locations within the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn locations. Menus customized to your tastes and budget are our specialty and delivery is always available.

For more information or to hire Osborne to cater your event, contact Fresh Start at (718) 707-2689.

5) Spread the Word About Osborne’s Mission on Social Media

Your participation on social media helps Osborne’s mission of transforming lives, communities and the criminal justice system reach a greater audience. A ‘like’ or ‘share’ or ‘comment’ of support on social can promote our visibility to funders and policymakers, as well as to organizations and government agencies who can partner with us in providing supportive programming to people who have been affected by incarceration.

This year, we are launching the Osborne Center for Justice Policy and Practice to support policies that promote racial equity and create opportunities for a fair and effective justice system. Participation on social media will be an important part of this advocacy work and you can begin today by following our social media accounts below, and by engaging with them on a regular basis. Look for and join in calls to action like the #SeeUsSupportUs campaign! 

  • Like the Osborne Association on Facebook, share our program updates with your network and comment with your support.
  • Like The New York Initiative for Children of Incarcerated Parents on Facebook, share their calls to action, and comment with your support.
  • Follow @OsborneNY on Twitter, like tweets, and tweet important information to us.
  • Join Osborne’s Newsletter, and share with your network:bit.ly/OA_JOIN
  • Follow osborneassociation on Instagram, like posts, and comment with your support.
  • Subscribe to Osborne’s YouTube Channel.

6) Partner with Your Employer to Make a Matching Gift

Many companies will match tax-deductible charitable contributions made by their employees. You can make a donation to the Osborne Association and then follow your company's matching gift guidelines to request a match of that gift. Extend our appeal, and let your employer know, We need your support today so that we can continue to advocate for systemic reforms while we connect people to the services and supports that enable them to reunite with their families, continue their education, and build productive lives after their incarceration.

A matching gift form is often available from your company's Human Resources, Payroll, or Accounting office. For more information, please contact Pauline Stanfiel at (718) 707-2650.

7) Hire an Osborne Program Graduate

Hiring people who are formerly incarcerated does more than create opportunities for our participants, it offers skilled, trained and mentored candidates who are an asset to your business. Osborne is committed to finding the right candidate for your company, will work to ensure a smooth transition, and will partner with you to address issues that may arise during the new hire and orientation process. We focus on building long-term relationships between employers and our program graduates and are experienced in retention and professional development. 

To learn more about hiring an Osborne graduate or to talk about any questions you might have, please contact our Career Center Career Coaches: 

Starsky Rivas at (718) 707-2617 or srivas@osborneny.org 

Ms. Sanja P. Jones at (929) 239-5906 or sjones@osborneny.org.

8) Make an In-Kind Donation of Goods and Services for our Program Participants and their Families

Osborne programs rely on our career-wear closet on a near daily basis to outfit participants in men’s and women’s suits for employment interviews, school visits, speaking engagements, and other occasions where a professional look is needed often on short notice. We are also in need of toiletries, accessories, personal grooming kits, and clothing care items (steamers, hangers, storage bins, etc.).

Please let us know if you would like to make an in-kind gift, and we can match you with the program area with the greatest need.

9) Leave a Meaningful Legacy through a Charitable Contribution in Your Will

More than 80 years ago, the Osborne Association was created as a legacy to Thomas Mott Osborne’s pioneering prison reform work by merging the Welfare League Association and several other organizations Osborne created during his lifetime. By including the Osborne Association in your estate planning, you can ensure that legacy to offer opportunities for people to lead lives of contribution after incarceration long into the future. A bequest through your will or estate is one of most straightforward and effective gifts you can make. 

If you have any questions about how to include a bequest to the Osborne Association in your will or trust, please contact Pauline Stanfiel at (718) 707-2650.

10)  Become a Community Benefit Site

Osborne's Justice Community/Justice Plus programs create opportunities for young people to see themselves—and be seen—as assets in their communities. Justice Community participants are young adults between 18 and 24 years old who engage in Community Benefit projects as service learning opportunities to do something positive for their community. These projects allow young people to learn new skills and establish relationships with community members and organizations that can assist them as they seek employment and advance their career plans. Community Benefit Projects are supervised by trained Osborne staff and are provided at no cost to participating host organizations and sites.

To become a Community Benefit site, contact Justice Community at 718-707-2702.

11) Hire Osborne’s Janitorial Maintenance Services

Janitorial Maintenance Services provides professional custodial services to public facilities and businesses throughout New York City. For more than 15 years, we have promoted the transformative power of work in our community by training and hiring employees with histories of incarceration and disabilities in a supportive environment. Osborne Janitorial Maintenance Services cleans more than one million square feet of office space. We have employed hundreds of people since launching the business and currently employ more than 85 staff who earn a prevailing wage. Our services include: cleaning and sanitation, window cleaning, green cleaning with biodegradable products, and team cleaning for tough jobs. 

For more information and the services we provide, visit: bit.ly/OA_JANITORIAL. To hire our services, contact Nelson Torres at (718) 707-2676 or ntorres@osborneny.org.

12) Provide Consistent Support with a Recurring Donation

Recurring gifts are an easy way to make a big impact that works for your budget and schedule. 
Your dependable support can help us plan ahead as we determine the services and support we can offer to the more than 10,000 individuals we reach each year. Make an annual; monthly; or quarterly pledge of support online at www.osborneny.org/donate. You can adjust or stop your recurring contribution at any time by calling (929) 239-5958. 

For more information about this, or to make any type of contribution to the Osborne Association, please contact Pauline Stanfiel at (718) 707-2650.