Bronx Clergy Criminal Justice Roundtable's Human Justice Series

Join the Bronx Clergy Criminal Justice Roundtable's Human Justice Series to hear from experts, advocates, and concerned citizens about two critical issues: advancing equality in real estate development and issues related to marijuana legalization. 

Advancing Economic Equality in Real Estate, Development, and Construction 
The 400 Foundation:
Rev. Reginald Lee Bachus
President Rev. Clinton Miller
Rev. Dr. Kahli C. Mootoo 

Brisa Builders Corporation:
Chairperson ?Ericka Keller Wala

The Legalization of Cannabis (Marijuana). Now What?
A response from the faith community to discuss the tax benefits and community reinvestment opportunities, and possible impending perils.
A discussion with Rev. Ruben Austria, Community Connections for Youth;  Rev. Lamont Granby, President, 47 Clergy Precinct Council; and Rev. Joseph Jones, Commission on Human Rights

February 14, 2019 
10:00 am – 12:00 pm

Bronx Christian Fellowship Church
1015 East Gun Hill Road
Bronx, NY 10469