Justice Roadmap Rally at City Hall

Invest in Communities - Rally at New York City Hall
City Hall Park, New York, NY 10007
Thursday, March 12, 2020

Join us on Thursday, March 12 at New York City Hall at noon to demand real investments in our communities?

New York State’s new bail reform laws present a once-in-a-generation opportunity for a fundamental shift away from the ineffective and immoral use of jails as a response to mental health needs. This shift has already begun, as people released from pre-trial detention are getting connected to housing, counseling, drug treatment, and other services. However, to maximize the positive impacts of the reforms, resources for our communities must be strengthened and expanded.

A wide coalition of grassroots groups and service providers have come together to call on our New York State legislators to fund long overdue investments in housing, mental health services, drug treatment, health care, education, jobs, and more.

RSVP for the March 12 rally here so we can get a headcount and to sign up to speak or spread the word on social media.

Questions? Email Andrea at anieves@gmail.com.