About this Event

Punishing Trauma will feature doctoral students in any discipline on topics examining the impact and consequences of punishment and surveillance, broadly conceived, on children, families, and communities. The conference will also feature community organizers and activists, policy-makers, and individuals directly impacted by mass incarceration and mass supervision, who are currently working to mitigate these impacts, and who bring invaluable experience and critical perspectives, linking academic and community perspectives.

Equitable responses to mass incarceration and mass supervision require transdisciplinary and community-based solutions. Punishing Trauma intends to serve as a venue for these crucial connections and conversations.

Agenda and more details to come.


In Memory of Devon Tyrone Wade, PhD

At his untimely passing, Devon Wade was completing his last year as a doctoral student in the Department of Sociology at Columbia University. An accomplished scholar-activist, Devon’s research was borne out of, and driven by, community needs. His dissertation examined how schools develop responses to children impacted by trauma, such as having incarcerated parents.

Devon was posthumously awarded his PhD by Columbia University in May of 2018. Punishing Trauma is organized in his memory, in order to bring together like-minded scholars and activists to address the pressing issues that Devon dedicated his life to.

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Thomas DiPrete, Giddings Professor of Sociology and Director, institute of Social and Economic Research and Policy (ISERP), Columbia University

Bailey Brown, Columbia Universitu

Anna Hidalgo, Columbia University

Henry Love, The Graduate Center, CUNY

Kasim Ortiz, University of New Mexico

Joan H. Robinson, Columbia University, Eric Holder Initiative

Dialika Sall, Columbia University

Dominic Walker, Columbia University


Institute for Social and Economic Research and Policy

Institute for Research in African-American Studies | African American and African Diaspora Studies Department, Columbia University

Department of Sociology, Columbia University

Department of Sociology, Barnard College

Columbia Justice Lab

Center for Justice at Columbia University