In recent years, there has been an explosion of award-winning documentaries, podcasts, and longform journalism centered on wrongful convictions that has garnered a wide audience, contributing to the national conversation on criminal justice. Here, at the intersection of justice, fairness, and narrative, investigative reporters have, through exhaustive reporting and compelling storytelling, become influential in criminal justice proceedings and, in several cases, helped exonerate innocent individuals. 

Each journalist on this panel is a force of justice in her own right. Pamela Colloff of The New York Times and ProPublica has won numerous awards for her moving and incisive reporting, but perhaps her greatest accomplishment is contributing to the exoneration of an innocent man from death row and the subsequent debarring of the prosecutor responsible for the fraudulent conviction. Madeleine Baran, host of In the Dark, has reported extensively on the controversial case of Curtis Flowers and, on November 2, 2018, the Supreme Court agreed to hear an appeal of Mr. Flowers' case and will examine possible bias in jury selection. Josie Duffy Rice is a lawyer and senior reporter for The Appeal renowned for her coverage of prosecutors, and co-host of the podcast "Justice in America."

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