Innovation at the Intersection of Policy and Practice

The Osborne Center for Justice Across Generations (OCJAG) is the policy arm of the Osborne Association. The Policy Center is dedicated to building a justice system that promotes healing, safety, responsibility, and well-being across generations. Our work values the dignity and worth of every individual and recognizes that effective solutions lie in strengthening and partnering with communities.

Since 1933, the Osborne Association has worked at every stage of the criminal justice system and built critical partnerships with community and faith based organizations, corrections, community supervision, courts, and child and family-serving systems. In 2018, Osborne was serving 12,000 individuals, and their children and families. Derived from this extensive and longstanding experience and driven by our staff and participants’ experiences, OCJAG generates and advances practice-informed solutions to some of our city and state's most intractable challenges. 

For more information about OCJAG, contact: 
Tanya Krupat, Director of Osborne Center for Justice Across Generations at (718) 637-6595 or email 

Osborne's Policy Leadership
The Osborne policy Center leads reform efforts in two areas: advocating for the rights and needs of children with incarcerated parents and the timely release and reentry support for currently and formerly incarcerated older people. Download and share our one page description of our work.


New York Initiative for Children of Incarcerated Parents
The Osborne Association established the New York Initiative for Children of Incarcerated Parents in 2006, following the creation of the Children of Incarcerated Parents Bill of Rights in San Francisco. Since that time, we have published A Call to Action: Safeguarding New York’s Children of Incarcerated Parents, been recognized as White House Champions of Change, advised on the Sesame Street Toolkit on parental incarceration, and launched the national See Us, Support Us campaign. We are leading efforts to restore free prison visiting buses in New York state, bring parents in prison closer to their children, and ensure that all government entities with arrest authority implement child-sensitive arrest procedures.

  • Request a resource toolkit for supporting Children of Incarcerated Parents here.
  • Learn why OCJAG is advocating to include proximity to children as a primary consideration when DOCCS assigns parents who are incarcerated to a facility in "Proximity Matters." 
  • Download our policy priorities briefing to see our legislative priorities for 2019. 


Currently and Formerly Incarcerated Older People
We work to reduce the individual, familial, communal, and economic costs of extreme sentencing resulting in unprecedented numbers of older people in prison by improving the parole release process, expanding the use of compassionate release and medical parole, and increasing reentry supports. We also believe that age matters, and that older people - just like adolescents- have distinct needs and strengths. We advocate for geriatric assessments conducted in jails and prisons of everyone over age 50, as well as staff training and age-aware correctional conditions. We monitor new trends, analyze data, raise awareness, and convene aging practitioners many of whom have not thought about the aging formerly incarcerated. 

Osborne operates one of the nation’s few reentry programs specifically for those over age 50. The Elder Reentry Initiative was launched in 2014 and provides parole preparation, service planning, and reentry supports for individuals age 50 and older. The lessons learned from ERI participants and staff inform and strengthen the policy advocacy of OCJAG.

  • Download Osborne's white paper on aging, The High Costs of Low Risk: the Crisis of America's Aging Population
  • Learn more about the Elder Reentry Initiative, and access resources on Aging in Prison here.
  • Download our policy priorities briefing to see our legislative priorities for 2019.