The holidays can be an especially difficult time for children of incarcerated parents and for our participant families. Many of New York’s more than 100,000 children of incarcerated parents will spend the holidays far from their loved ones, separated from their parents by high prison walls and long drives to upstate prisons, while others will celebrate the holidays in prison visiting rooms. The children of participants who are newly reentering the community following a period of incarceration also face extremely challenging circumstances, as their parents work to secure employment, housing, and to meet their most basic needs. Osborne’s Toy Drive is an opportunity to offer children and their families the warmth and joy of the winter holidays. Your gift will not only serve to make a child feel special, it will send a message to their family that the community does in fact care about them and the difficulties they face. Please join us by contributing the Toy Drive:

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 All gifts are tax deductible, but Amazon does not share your purchase information with us. Please email Pauline Stanfiel after you’ve made your purchases so we can acknowledge your tax-deductible contribution.



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