The New York Initiative for Children of Incarcerated Parents invites you to join SEE US, SUPPORT US, a month-long, national campaign to increase supports for children with incarcerated parents.

For the last three years, the See Us, Support Us Campaign has championed the needs, experiences, and resiliency of children with incarcerated parents and encouraged states, agencies, and organizations to adopt the Children of Incarcerated Parents Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights was developed in 2005 by the San Francisco Partnership for Children of Incarcerated Parents in partnership with youth with incarcerated parents. It is a roadmap of reform for safeguarding children whose parents are involved in the criminal justice system. 

Turning these rights into realities is the ultimate goal of our collective efforts. By joining the See Us, Support Us campaign, you will take action to SEE the strength and resilience of children, their caregivers, and parents, and SUPPORT them by reducing the stigma and systemic barriers they face.

This October, See Us, Support Us aims to increase visibility of and supports for children with incarcerated parents, with a special focus on the unique needs of young children. This year, our goals include: 

1) increasing our national network of champions (expanding our pledge numbers by at least 500);

2) expanding our reach by sharing more than 3,000 social media posts;

3) heightening public awareness of the special needs of young children (newborn – 8 years old) through events and resource dissemination.

During October, support children and families separated by incarceration by learning more and sharing what you learn. Throughout the month, take the steps below to see and support children of incarcerated parents and join the conversations on social media:



See Us, Support Us Events





Visit our national partners websites for more resources: