See Us Support Us Action: Call Your Elected Officials









Please call your NY State Senator and Assemblymember to ask that they support bills that would bring parents closer to their children and reinstate the prison visiting buses. Feel free to share a personal story about why these are important to you and your family. You can identify your State elected representatives here.



“Hi, my name is _______and I’m a constituent of (elected’s name here). I’m calling because this month is SEE US, SUPPORT US month—a month to raise awareness about the needs of children with incarcerated parents. I hope (elected’s name) will support two important bills that will help children be able to visit their parent, which supports their wellbeing: the Proximity Pilot Bill (S7757A/A10204) and the Visiting Bus bill (S5693/A7106A). Children whose parents are in prison need our support. Thank you.”