We invite all who have experienced the incarceration of a parent as a child, family members, and formerly incarcerated parents to share your story about visiting a loved one at a prison or jail to help people understand that visits are a critical lifeline for many families. Your stories will remain anonymous.  

Personal stories help move hearts and minds. NYCIP would be honored to share your story to educate decision-makers about why visiting is important and help them understand the obstacles that make visiting difficult (proximity, lack of transportation, expensive, etc.). We hope that by sharing your stories, decision-makers will support the reinstatement of the prison visiting buses, proximity for incarcerated parents, and child-friendly visiting practices in New York State.

Here are a few suggestions about what you might share.

  • What do visits mean to you and your family?
  • What was positive?
  • What was challenging about getting to the visit and/or the visiting process?
  • How do visits look, feel, smell and sound?
  • How can visits be better?

Please contact us to learn more ways you can be involved with NYCIP. 

Share Your Story about Why Visiting Is Important