About Janitorial Maintenance Services

Janitorial Maintenance Services provides professional custodial services to public facilities and businesses throughout New York City. For more than 15 years, we have promoted the transformative power of work in our community by training and hiring employees with histories of incarceration and disabilities in a supportive environment. Osborne Janitorial Maintenance Services cleans more than one million square feet of office space. We have employed hundreds of people since launching the business and currently employ more than 85 staff who earn a prevailing wage. Our services include: cleaning and sanitation, window cleaning, green cleaning with biodegradable products, and team cleaning for tough jobs. 

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About Fresh Start Catering

The goal of Osborne's Fresh Start Catering is to nourish and strengthen local communities with our meals, and to help secure economic independence for the individuals we serve.

Fresh Start Catering is more than just a professional food service; it's a recipe for transforming lives. The project was created as a vehicle for men and women affected by the criminal justice system to find meaningful employment for a living wage. We provide employment and training opportunities to Osborne Association's program graduates who are looking to start fresh, or expand on their experience in the food service industry.

We serve a variety of organizations and businesses including senior centers, youth and community service providers, drug rehabilitation facilities, government agencies, schools, nonprofits, religious organizations, as well as corporate offices and individuals looking to host an event.

Our business model and catering services are built around using fresh, local ingredients. Fresh is not only our name, it is our commitment to you. With Fresh Start you will always receive nutritious, ethnically diverse meals, made with fresh local ingredients, delivered hot and ready to enjoy.

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