As an employer, you need qualified workers. At no cost to you, the Osborne Association can provide your business with pre-screened candidates who are carefully selected and matched to your specifications.

The Osborne Association has a mission and proven track record. Since 2001, we have provided comprehensive employment services to men and women who have had contact with the justice system. In the last year, Osborne made nearly 500 placements with a wide variety of employers.

Our mission is to transform lives, communities, and the criminal justice system. By supporting you in hiring qualified candidates, Osborne can partner with you to transform the communities of New York City while furthering your business interests. 


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  • Qualified Candidates at no fee
  • Careful screening and assessment of applicants results in reliable, capable and qualified for private and public-sector companies. Our non-profit business model does not include a commission or a retainer, which makes us truly dedicated to providing you with quality recruiting assistance that best meets your needs.
  • Ongoing customer service
  • The Osborne Association provides your team with the highest degree of customer service, following up for one year after placement to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Retention Support
  • We make a lasting impact by providing continued employee career counseling and following up with your organization to support retention and performance, reducing your turnover costs.
  • Tax credits
  • By employing Osborne graduates, you may be eligible for a variety of tax incentives, as well as the federal bonding program. Osborne’s Employer Specialists can walk you through the process to receive these incentives.

The Osborne Association: Your Partner Every Step of the Way

  • Sourcing and Pre-Selection Phase
    • Osborne Association has a large pool of candidates, with a variety of specialized skills and credentials
    • Osborne Association applicants undergo training in several areas and are pre-screened and pre-matched for positions, based on your needs and their career goals. 
  • Interviewing and Selection Phase
    • Osborne Association can help with the selection phase by providing scheduling support and interviewing space, past employment verifications, and character.
  • Post-Selection Phase
    • Osborne Association supports your new employees by ongoing career development counseling and job coaching.
    • We are also interested in our candidates’ retention and performance, so we will be stay in touch with you to ensure their success.