My Mom is in Prison: Xieara's Story

26 March 2020

A lot of kids have complicated relationships with their parents. But Xieara, 14, has extra challenges:
 Her mom is in prison several hundred miles from home. On a recent visit, Xieara opened up about the emotional ups and downs—and how they keep their bond strong.

“Having a mom who’s incarcerated doesn’t define me. I’m so much more than that.”

We are excited to share Scholastic Choice's in-depth profile of Xieara, a high school freshman who visits her mother in Albion Correctional Facility as part of Osborne's Family Ties program.

Osborne offers a 12-session parenting program at Albion while providing outreach, support and service referrals to the children of the mothers in the class, and their caregivers. Albion Correctional Facility is located near the Canadian border in northern New York state, almost 400 miles from New York City. Three times every year, Osborne facilitates a special extended visit day as part of the mothers’ graduation from the program. Children visit their mothers during a two day trip, including a 6 hour visit on the second day. 

Read Xieara's full story and see pictures from her recent trip to Albion on Scholastic Choices' website.