Osborne's Annual Toy Drive is here!

Please contribute to Osborne's Annual Toy Drive

With visits made more difficult this year because of COVID-19, children and their incarcerated parents have relied heavily on video visiting - which offers children the ability to stay connected to their parents. While not a replacement for in-person visiting, video visiting can offer children and their parents the ability to stay connected and also alleviate any fears they may have about their parents' safety who they cannot visit with as often, or at all right now.

The holidays will look different this year because of COVID-19 but Osborne is still working to help families stay connected. Osborne is collecting for children of all age groups to be sent to their homes to open with their parents during their video visit. It is our hope that this experience can contribute to creating long-lasting bonds and support children's well being.

To donate, please select gifts from our wishlist: bit.ly/toydrive2020; please contact ssinclair@osborneny.org for tax forms when you purchase a gift.  

If you have questions about the toy drive wish list please contact charris@osborneny.org.