Osborne's Annual Toy Drive is Underway

01 November 2019

Please contribute to Osborne's Annual Toy Drive



We are seeking toys for the children who use our Children's Centers throughout the year when they visit their incarcerated loved ones. These Children's Centers, located in five upstate prisons, offer a quiet and dedicated space within prison visiting rooms in which children can play and learn with their incarcerated parent or loved one. Osborne collects toys for all age groups so that when they leave their visit during the holidays, their incarcerated loved one can give them a gift to take home with them. This experience can contribute to creating long-lasting bonds and supports children's well being.

To donate, please select gifts from our wishlist: bit.ly/OAWSList; there are restrictions on the types of toys we can bring in and we have selected items that are approved to be brought into correctional facilities.