See Us Support Us Begins October 1

26 September 2019

Welcome to See Us, Support Us, a month of awareness raising activities to increase visibility and supports for children of incarcerated parents launched in 2015 by The New York Initiative for Children of Incarcerated Parents (NYCIP). Since then, national partners have joined us to amplify SUSU in their communities.

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This year SUSU focuses on the importance of child-centered visits at prisons and jails, and removing barriers to visiting. When children want to visit an incarcerated parent, they should be able to do so in a way that supports their healing and well-being. Unfortunately, in many cases, this is not the reality: parents are in prisons hundreds of miles away from home, visiting processes and rooms are not child-sensitive, and a negative visiting experience can result in children visiting infrequently, if at all.

Despite the fact that one in 9 African American children, one in 28 Latinx children, and one in 57 white children have an incarcerated parent, many do not SEE children of incarcerated parents. This invisibility isolates and harms children and hinders service
providers and communities from supporting children and families to their best ability.

To sign up for the SUSU Network, download our Social Media Guide, and learn more about the month, please visit our new website:  


NYCIP is a statewide partnership launched in 2006 of community and faith-based organizations, families, and government agencies collaborating to envision a world that considers and safeguards children’s needs at every step of their parent’s involvement in the criminal legal system. We move closer to realizing this vision by advocating for changes in policy and practice and centering the voices and experiences of those directly affected and families to their best ability.