“Our programs are not built to last; they are designed to be scaffolding, to safely support people as they climb, as their self-awareness, empathy, and ethics grow strong, as the structures of families and communities become self-supporting.”

 - Osborne President and CEO Elizabeth Gaynes

Who We Are

Osborne's Career Center provides previously incarcerated men and women with environmental and financial literacy education, as well as comprehensive career development, including soft skills and hard skills training that prepares them to enter and advance in sector-specific fields.  The Osborne Career Center offers access to training and employment that help break the cycles of poverty, illness, addiction, crime and incarceration. Osborne's Career Center provides the highest quality training and advocate for participants so they can achieve economic independence.

What We Offer

Osborne's commitment is to support our participants throughout their training and for up to one year after job placement. Furthermore, we understand that barriers to employment must be addressed before and during the job search process. That is why Osborne's career coaches provide wrap-around services, which focus on avenues to long-term employment, skills assessment and improvement, goal setting, job readiness and placement, and strengthening participants' family support networks.


The Career Center offers:

  • Career development and coaching
  • Soft skills and hard skills training
  • Environmental and financial literacy education
  • Job search and retention support


Instruction covers:

  • Construction skills
  • Computer instruction
  • Food service training
  • Building maintenance and operations


The Osborne Career Center also affects economic development by:

  • Helping businesses recruit pre-screened, motivated employees at no cost to the employer.
  • Boosting employment opportunities that directly affect the lives of families and improve community stability.
  • Reducing recidivism and improving public safety and public health in our communities.

Contact Us

To learn more about the Career Center, please contact Starsky Rivas at (718) 707-2617, Ms. Sanja P. Jones at (929) 239-5906, or Dwight Stephenson at (718) 707-2712

For members of the press who would like more information or to schedule an interview or site visit, please contact Jonathan Stenger at (718) 707-2721 or jstenger@osborneny.org.