“This program is the closest thing I have that feels like home.”

 - FamilyWorks participant

Who We Are

Over half of the men and women incarcerated in the U.S. are parents of minor children. Families and children affected by incarceration typically face many additional challenges, even prior to incarceration, such as cyclical poverty, lack of economic and educational opportunity, and in some cases structural racism, exposure to violence, and parental involvement in crime and substance use, that puts them at high risk for instability. The family unit, in whatever form, is the basis for community. But when large numbers of fathers and mothers are incarcerated, the family unit breaks down – and so does the community. To encourage family connectivity – a key factor in a person’s successful reentry – Osborne’s nationally recognized FamilyWorks program enables incarcerated parents to make, mend, and maintain relationships with their children through a comprehensive program that now operates in eight New York State prisons, Riker’s Island, and at Osborne’s community sites. Our strengths-based, family-focused approach leaves people with the understanding that they have the right, the responsibility, and the capacity to meet the needs of their children and families.


What We Offer

Launched in 1986, FamilyWorks has a distinguished track record of strengthening families and providing a range of services for individuals who are currently or formerly incarcerated. Services provided include:

  • Child-friendly Family Centers in visiting rooms where mothers and fathers bond with their children
  • Classes on parenting and strengthening relationships
  • Couples retreat
  • Family events, outreach to families, and visiting opportunities
  • Individual counseling for program participants

Along with its focus to prepare individuals who are returning home to their families, the FamilyWorks curriculum focuses on parenting from prison. In maximum and medium security prisons such as Sing Sing, Wallkill, Fishkill, and Woodbourne, many of the men are serving long sentences, and other parenting curricula do not address these circumstances. The FamilyWorks curriculum is grounded in the latest research on human/adolescent development, social learning theory, and neuroscience. The curriculum is also distinct from other models because it was developed with input from incarcerated and formerly incarcerated individuals. Perhaps most importantly, the curriculum is not intended to “stand alone,” but is part of a comprehensive approach that reaches out to and includes children and families.


Contact Us

For more information contact:

Laura Roan
Program Manager
(845) 345-9845
388 Ann Street 2nd Floor, Newburgh, NY 12550