Queensboro Correctional Facility in Long Island City


Who We Are

Osborne offers a range of reentry services at Queensboro Correctional Facility, a medium security prison in Long Island City, NY that houses men who are scheduled for release within a short period of time, from five days to five months. By offering both workshops and individualized transitional planning that often includes work with families and other community supports, Osborne staff are able to support the successful return and reintegration of program participants into the community.

Workshops are open to the entire population of Queensboro, and cover reentry-related topics in the areas of healthy living, employment, managing stress and expectations, and family dynamics.


What We Offer

Participants sign up for services and are assessed to determine which of the available reentry services are most appropriate:

  • Family Focused Discharge Planning: For those men who plan to live with family members (as defined by the participant himself), or who would like to reunite with family or children, we offer them and their families the opportunity to participate in Family Focused Discharge Planning. Services include goal development, family meetings where participants and their family discuss expectations and issues prior to release, referrals, and follow-up support and assistance in the community. The same staff member who begins the work with the participant and family in Queensboro continues in the community, often meeting the participant as they are leaving Queensboro or in the community where they live. We also provide workshops that are designed to give men that last boost of information and motivation they may need to make their return home successful.
  • Project HIRE (Health Improvement Re-Entry): For those who are living with HIV/AIDS or other chronic health conditions and who want to insure their transition includes immediate access to high quality medical care, Project HIRE (Health Improvement Re-Entry) offers a continuum of services from prison to the community. The primary goal is the smooth transition of men living with or at high risk of contracting HIV/AIDS (and face other health challenges) into the community with no interruption in their medical needs and support. To achieve this goal, Project HIRE offers a comprehensive transitional planning and case management model that includes both referrals to high quality medical care and services that address reentry needs such as housing, entitlements, job training, behavioral and mental health treatment, and family support. Project HIRE also provides medical appointments and escorts for men being released from Queensboro, offering immediate support to individuals who may otherwise miss their initial Parole or physician’s visit or experience relapse, placing them at risk of violating Parole.
  • Project Start: For men with histories of substance abuse or other behaviors that put them at risk of relapse and sexually transmitted infection (STI's), and who are expected to attend substance abuse treatment as a condition of Parole, Project START provides five sessions of case management assistance, helping to identify potentially risky behaviors, and establish a plan to reduce risk and support a successful transition home. The program includes individual meetings two times a month for 90 days. Participants are assisted with goal setting, Parole and medical referrals. Gift cards/Metro cards are given at each meeting in the community. As a CDC-approved evidence-based intervention, Project START draws on research that illustrates higher rates of success when the same staff member who works with the participant in Queensboro continues to serve him in the community.
  • Tobacco Education and Smoking Cessation Program: For men who are charged with infractions due to smoking within the facility, the Tobacco Education and Smoking Cessation Program provides workshops on tobacco and quitting smoking as an alternative consequence for the infraction.


Contact Us

For more information, contact:

Queensboro Correctional Facility
47-04 Van Dam Street, Room 3-9K
Long Island City, NY 11011