Osborne is currently funded by New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, the New York State Legislature, the New York City Council, and the New York City Criminal Justice Coordinator to provide Court Advocacy Services at no cost to attorneys representing indigent defendants who are prosecuted in New York State courts, and are detained pretrial and/or likely to be sentenced to a term of at least six months of incarceration. These services include post-sentence monitoring.

New Fee-For-Service Option

Many of the attorneys who represent indigent defendants – and have accessed our services without cost on their behalf – also represent retained clients who would like to utilize our services on their behalf to increase their effectiveness in achieving detention and sentencing decisions appropriate to both the crime and the individual who committed the offense. Therefore, CAS is now offering a fee-for-service option that takes advantage of our proven track record of success in NYC courts. Judges know and trust the reliability and integrity of our work. We achieve a non-jail or lesser-incarcerative sentence in more than 90% of the cases we accept, and anticipate the same level of success in private cases.

The fee-for-service option can include pre-pleading and pre-sentence memoranda, affidavits in support of bail and other applications (Clayton motions, etc), and related services. Retained attorneys may refer cases to CAS, using our existing referral form and providing the rap sheet, the criminal complaint, and the indictment (if applicable). CAS conducts a comprehensive psychosocial interview and evaluation and related investigation, including records collection and review, and collateral interviews. Our evaluations are strengths-based, which enables us to produce the strongest mitigation arguments possible. Our fee-for-service pre-pleading and pre-sentencing reports include detailed recommendations for release plans and individualized, community-based alternative to incarceration options, both outpatient or residential, that can address a wide range of client needs. Fees are determined based on the individual circumstances of the case and the services requested. At the current time we are not able to offer post-report follow-up services to clients such as providing treatment and service referrals, community monitoring of clients, or progress reports to the courts under our fee-for-service option.

To Make A Referral, Please Contact:
Andrea Goupalsingh, LMSW
Program Director
The Osborne Association - Court Advocacy Services
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