Who Are the Court Advocates?

Court Advocacy Services (CAS) staff consist of licensed social workers and individuals with degrees in psychology, counseling, law or related fields, and who have clinical and information-gathering skills, training, and experience that most lawyers simply do not have. We take the time and have the ability to elicit information on sensitive issues (e.g. incest, family violence, HIV/AIDS) that the client may never have disclosed. We have the clinical skills to recognize congenital, mental or neurological conditions, and to understand and explain how these conditions may have affected the client’s development and behavior.

Not only do we collect and present background information (including medical and school records), we also analyze the significance of the information in terms of impact on development, including effect on personality and behavior to find mitigating themes in the client’s life history.

Our court advocates are experienced with such pervasive problems among our client population such as substance abuse and dependency, learning disabilities, homelessness, parental incarceration, HIV and mental illness. CAS is a strong part of the culture of learning at Osborne that ensures staff remain abreast of applicable law, research, and science in our field of practice.