CAS was originally designed for defense counsel assigned by the court ("18B lawyers") to represent indigent felony defendants who would have otherwise been detained pretrial and/or sentenced to prison. These assigned counsel, often solo practitioners, have few resources and limited access to ancillary services such as background investigations and assessments. Defense lawyers are often not familiar with the treatment, educational and vocational programs that might better address the underlying circumstances that contributed to their client's arrest, and may be unaware of mitigating factors that might affect the sentencing decision.

We have developed particular expertise in working with adolescents and juveniles charged as adults, as well as adult men and women of any age. We have no exclusions based on charge. From the moment a case is referred to us, we become an indispensable member of the defense team throughout pre-trial and pre-sentence proceedings until the case comes to a disposition and sometimes even beyond. Our reports humanize defendants to the Court and provide information about the consequences of various sentencing options, including the impact on the children or other family members who rely on the client for emotional and financial support. In our client-specific sentencing alternatives we select realistic options that reflect best practices and current research on reducing crime, violence and recidivism.

The work that CAS provides to the defense bar is also known as defender-based advocacy, mitigation services, and client-specific planning. Defender-based advocacy is a critical component of a vigorous public defense and Alternative to Incarceration (ATI) system.

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