Who We Are

The Osborne Center for Justice Policy and Practice is the policy arm of the Osborne Association dedicated to building a justice system that promotes healing, safety, responsibility, and well-being across generations. Our work values the dignity and worth of every individual and recognizes that effective solutions lie in strengthening and partnering with communities. To achieve justice across generations, we are currently prioritizing our advocacy around two issues that span the life cycle: children of justice-involved parents, and aging in prison and reentry.

About the Center: Osborne Center for Justice Policy and Practice at a Glance

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What We Do

The Center will generate and advance practice-informed solutions derived from experience and evidence accumulated over decades of providing programs and services at every stage of the criminal justice process, as well as building critical partnerships with those directly affected, community and faith based organizations, corrections, community supervision, courts, and child and family-serving systems.


Contact Us

For more information about the OCJPP, contact:

Jonathan Stenger
Vice President for External Affairs


Policy Resources

  • See the NY Initiative for Children of Incarcerated Parents' page here
  • View a resource toolkit for supporting Children of Incarcerated Parents here
  • Learn more about the Elder Reentry Initiative, and access resources on Aging in Prison here
  • See testimony to the Assembly Standing Committee on Correction and Assembly
  • Subcommittee on Transitional Services: Devising a Smart Supportive Housing Strategy for Returning Citizens Upon Reentry
  • See Osborne's October 2016 Public Comment on Proposed Changes to Parole Board Regulations