Osborne’s 2024 Policy Priorities

Osborne’s Center for Justice Across Generations shares our 2024 policy priorities to advance an approach to justice that is healing-centered, equitable, restorative, and inclusive of communities and alternative solutions.

Osborne’s Center for Justice Across Generations

January 17, 2024

Osborne’s Center for Justice Across Generations has released our 2024 policy agenda for New York State and New York City.

It is an action plan to address critical issues facing the people we serve – including those who have been arrested, or are in jails and prisons– and their children and families. These priorities move us closer to realizing a world that invests in healing-centered and community-based solutions, equitable and inclusive communities, improved conditions inside for those who live, work, and visit prisons and jails, and increasing reentry housing and reducing barriers to successful reentry.

As we work to divert and release as many people as possible from jail and prison, we continue to advocate for legislation and change in policies at the State and Federal level, related to:

•Children and Families

•Aging and Parole Justice



Read the 2024 full policy agenda here.