New York State Joint Legislative Budget Hearing on Public Protection

Tanya Krupat, Vice President, Policy & Advocacy, presented written and oral testimony highlighting Osborne’s work and calling for investments in proven programs.

Osborne Association

January 25, 2024

At today’s public protection hearing, Tanya Krupat highlighted Osborne’s diverse body of work in New York State prisons and in the community, and called for an increase in funding. Designed to advance the health, safety, and well-being of children, families, and communities across the state, our innovative programs recognize:

  1. our shared humanity;

  2. the powerful need for relationships and belonging; and,

  3. the goal of advancing healthy, thriving, safe communities by investing in community-based solutions.

Osborne is seeking increased investment to:

  • Expand our FamilyWorks Buffalo program;

  • Expand our Kinship Reentry Housing program;

  • Take our ReentryWorks prison discharge planning program statewide;

  • Collaborate with law enforcement agencies to develop policies and training to minimize trauma to children when a parent or caregiver is arrested.

Read the full testimony here to learn more about Osborne’s work to ensure equitable access to its services for all New Yorkers who need them here.