Stronger Together Handbooks

Handbooks on Children of Incarcerated Parents

Twenty years ago when few people were paying attention to a growing epidemic, Osborne Association issued a series of three handbooks entitled How Can I Help? that focused on the experiences and needs of children with an incarcerated parent. Now, with more than two million children on any given day in the United States having a parent in jail or prison, the new updated and revised handbooks, Stronger Together, are more important than ever.

Stronger Together Vol 1

Volume 1

Describes the feelings and behaviors that are common when a parent is incarcerated, as well as what parents and caregivers can do to support children and prevent or minimize negative responses.

Stronger Together Volume II

Volume 2

Focuses on the importance of maintaining parent-child relationships, how to navigate the criminal justice system in order to do this, and the power of communication -- especially between a child and his/her incarcerated parent.

Stronger Together Volume III

Volume 3

Is an entirely new volume specifically for non-parent caregivers and provides essential information for any caregiver caring for children with an incarcerated parent.

Note: Much of what is in these Volumes is applicable for any state and locality in the United States, including Volume I and much of Volume II. For those from states other than New York, please contact us about adapting the New York-specific sections of Volume II or most of Volume III to your state or locality:

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